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It is with great pride that I can announce to the seismology community that the website dedicated to SQLX is now live and available.

With this release, SQLX now moves into the latest era of technological capabilities, where no longer is it necessary to compile source code, nor be restricted to any particular operating system. SQLX is now available for download on all three platforms, Linux, MacOS, and Windows. With dependencies both standard and minimal, SQLX is downloadable by a click of a button, ready for immediate execution.

Following from PQLX, this updated version provides all the substantial improvements and enhancements of the last seven years. A list of these different features by product category can be found here.

Now available to anyone, the unique functionality SQLX provides can finally be utilized by a broad audience of users: from curious citizen scientists, to avid students, all the way to government organizations managing national and global seismic networks of any size.

Want to see what it’s all about? Please register for a free no-obligation trial subscription and take it for a test drive yourself, I’m certain you will be pleased with the results.


richard boaz