Listed below are the features available in the three SQLX product lines: Basic, Standard and Premium. Hover over the product titles and most features for further information. For a printable version please click here.

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Magnification / Zoom Capabilities
Data Transformations
View miniSEED Multiplexed Files
Multiple Window Viewer
View Header Values
Auto-detection of Waveform and Response Files to Analyze
PSD Calculations Stored to Database
PSDPDF / Spectrogram Plots
PSDPDF Detail Sub-Select
PSD Histogram
Frequency to Time Domain Sub-Select
Enhanced Trace Viewer
Additional Data Transforms
Event Importation / Selection
Wave Travel-Time Calculation
Additional / Enhanced PSD Plots
Strong Motion-Specific Plots
Write of Trace Files Sub-Select
Side-by-Side Plots / Enhanced Zooming
Enhanced Plot Printing
Importable Baselines (PSD)
Outlier Statistics
Outlier / Inlier PSDPDF
Outlier / Inlier Selection & Plot vs. User %
Frequency Domain Picker
Efficiencies for Very Large Data-Sets
Enhanced Smoothing Algorithm
Frequency Bins Generalized between 256K Hz and 1 million seconds
Process Response Files in XML Format
Updated and Enhanced GUI
Coming Soon!
Baselines Defined with Mouse
Coming Soon!
Relative Baselines per Channel
Coming Soon!
Single Plot across Multiple Channels
Coming Soon!
Network-Wide PSD Plots
Coming Soon!
Spectral Ratios (H/V)
Coming Soon!
Process miniSEED Multi-plexed files
Coming Soon!
Alarms and Alerts vs. Outlier Rules
Coming Soon!
Baseline / Outliers Reports
Coming Soon!
Infrasound Data
Coming Soon!
Hydrophone Data
Coming Soon!
Geo-Magnetic Data
Coming Soon!
Other Data Types by Request
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